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Enjoy Victoria's New Seasonal Menu

Come and enjoy Victoria's new seasonal offerings! In the mood for something to share? We got you covered with our new Mezze Board. Want something that will fill your hunger? Try out new Salmon Aioli? How about something sweet? Well, we have our brand new Berry 'Millefeuille' for you to try! Scroll down and see what we have to offer!

Mezze Board - 620.-

Enjoy Parma Ham 16th, Feta Cheese, Crunchy Vegetables, Marinated Vegetables, Pesto, Hummus & Tzatziki.

Nicoise Salad - 460.-

Baby cos salad, seared tuna, potatoes, egg, bell peppers, radish, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onions & mustard dressing

Lobster Aglio - 1490.-

Homemade spaghetti, grilled lobster, lobster oil, garlic, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil & crispy shallots

Victoria's Signature Paella - 1290.-

Bomba rice cooked with saffron and seafood stock, squid, prawn, spicy sausage, clam, olive oil & lemon

Salmon "Aioli" - 560.-

Baked salmon steak with a herb crust, steamed vegetables, fresh herbs & saffron aioli

Berry "Millefeuille" - 560.-

Crispy puff pastry, vanilla custard, berries ice cream, lime gel & berry crumble


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