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Dine-in with our special Cafe de Paris Steak & Wine offer

Discover our latest offer, Cafe De Paris Steak only at Victoria.

Origins of Cafe de Paris

Despite its name, Café de Paris butter was invented in Switzerland in 1941, at the Restaurant Café de Paris in Geneva. The original secret recipe is still served today at restaurants such as the L'Entrecote group's steakhouses in France, Switzerland, and elsewhere, and it is traditionally an emulsified butter sauce poured over steak.

It's all about the ingredients

Nowadays, Café de Paris sauce is more frequently served as convenient, flavored butter rounds, like in this dish. In either case, the fundamentals consist of a well-balanced mixture of aromatic herbs, meticulous seasoning, and a secret addition that amps up the savory flavor: anchovies!

(Our Co-CEO Maxence Le Bartz and Head Chef Freddy Loaec presenting the Cafe de Paris steak on Thai Channel 3's Krua Khun Toi. Watch it here

Its all about the presentation

The French way to serve steak with Cafe de Paris butter - a bistro steak with shoestring fries and a simple green salad. Simplicity at its best.

Victoria is currently offering 2 types of set menu

Special Offer

Cafe de Paris + Duseigneur La Chapelle Cotes du Rhone - 2390THB

Cafe de Paris + Chateau Ubi Mensa St Emilion - 3290 THB


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