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Victoria’s new menu, an adventure of flavours.

At Victoria by Cocotte, we're thrilled to introduce our sensational new menu, featuring a delightful array of dishes and drinks that will tantalize your taste buds. With the addition of ten delectable dishes, four signature drinks, six cold-pressed juices, six homemade iced teas, and six refreshing sodas, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Join us as we explore the mouthwatering highlights of our latest offerings.

New Dishes

  • Crab Croquetas

    • Experience the rich flavors of our crab croquetas, served with a luscious bisque and a drizzle of aromatic dill oil. This seafood sensation is a true culinary masterpiece.

  • Hata Carpaccio

    • Indulge in the exquisite Hata carpaccio, delicately sliced and paired with mango, avocado, pomegranate, and shallots. Each bite is a burst of freshness and taste.

  • Maialino Tonnato

    • Our Maialino Tonnato is a symphony of flavors, featuring thinly sliced, slow-cooked pork tenderloin served with a tantalizing tuna and mayonnaise sauce.

  • Italian Salad

    • Savour the Italian Salad, a refreshing blend of oak salad with creamy burrata, Parma ham, roasted bell peppers, and a zesty lemon dressing topped with balsamic glaze.

  • Spaghetti Pesto & Prawns

    • Dive into a bowl of Spaghetti Pesto & Prawns, where marinated Argentinian prawns meet al dente spaghetti and luscious burrata, all coated in a delectable pesto sauce.

  • Salmon Beurre Blanc

    • Enjoy the elegance of seared salmon served with a medley of seasonal vegetables and a rich beurre blanc sauce.

  • Lobster Thermidor

    • Embark on a culinary journey with our Lobster Thermidor, featuring oven-baked Maine lobster bathed in a creamy white wine sauce, gratinated with Parmesan cheese, and accompanied by lobster rocket salad.

Duck Leg Confit with Berry Sauce

  • Delight in the tenderness of confit duck leg paired with velvety butternut puree and a berry sauce that adds a sweet and savory twist.

  • Victoria’s Bangers

    • Experience the rich combination of flavours with Victoria’s Bangers, featuring Italian sausage served with creamy mashed potatoes and a tantalizing wine sauce.

  • Parisian Burger

    • Sink your teeth into our Parisian Burger, a savory masterpiece featuring a beef patty topped with molten Brie cheese, pickles, grain mustard, and ketchup sauce.

New Signature Drinks

Our signature drinks are the drinks we are most proud of, made with love and passion and definitely a must-try. If you have a sweet tooth, one of our signatures is something you shouldn’t miss out on!

  • Apricot Espresso Tonic

  • Belgian Chocolate

  • Homemade Jellyccino

  • Frappuccino Caramel

New Cold-Pressed Juice Flavors

Whether you just really love cold-pressed juices or are in need of some extra vitamins for today, our selection of new cold-pressed juices has it all. Made with fresh fruits every single day.

  • Golden Glow (Carrot, Green Apple, Orange, Turmeric)

  • Very Vert (Spinach, Green Apple, Cucumber, Parsley, Celery)

  • Nature Now (Kale, Italian Basil, Cucumber, Pineapple, Mint)

  • Magic Melon (Watermelon, Ginger, Mint, Celery)

  • Tropical Treasure (Pineapple, Orange, Green Apple, Passion Fruit, Honey)

  • Perfect Pink (Pink Guava, Ginger, Lime)

New Homemade Iced Teas and Sodas

We have a new range of 6 homemade iced teas. Tea brewed to perfection and made with fresh fruits. Flavours from sweet to sour, to just straight-up magical and color-changing. Any of these iced teas is worth a try.

We also have 6 new sodas crafted in collaboration with Giffard syrup. Sweet, sour, and spicy, a perfect mix of flavours and the tingling feeling of a soda. Made and served with high-quality syrups and fresh fruits. The perfect way to stay refreshed and tantalize your taste buds in Bangkok’s hot weather!

At Victoria by Cocotte, we take pride in continuously elevating your dining experience. Our new menu, featuring a diverse selection of dishes and an array of refreshing drinks, is designed to delight your senses. Whether you're a seafood lover, a fan of succulent meats, or a connoisseur of flavorful beverages, there's something special waiting for you at our restaurant. Join us today to savour the flavors of Victoria by Cocotte like never before.


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